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We are Manufacturers and Exporters of 34 Wanes Aluminium Roof Ventilators,
Roof Ventilators / Wind Ventilators / Air Ventilators / Turbo Ventilators



HORNE®  Roof Ventilators provide amazing power saving. “HORNE®” Roof Ventilators provides fresh air round the clock. “HORNE®” Roof Ventilators is quite effective and hence has attractive payback period. Operational cost of HORNE® Roof Ventilator is totally zero and it is also maintenance free. 

In short installations of “HORNE®” Roof Ventilators promotes healthier and comfortable working environment to man, machine and management to boost up productivity.

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HORNE®” Roof Ventilators is self-contained. It works on the principle of thermodynamics or in simple language works on thermal currents of heat, which are abundantly available in any kind of shed. Hence, it does not require electricity or any other form of energy at cost. 

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21st Century Concept of Ventilation
Eco - Friendly
Highly Efficient
100 % Power Saving
Maintenance Free
Zero Operational Cost
Noiseless Applications
Asthetic Look
Works With or Without Wind
  Extreme performance due to minimum number of wanes
i.e. 34 wanes, a great achievement in International market.
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