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With Continuous research we have achieved a milestone in the production of ROTO. Our Aluminium ROTO in any size will rotate with the blow of air from the mouth and hence we claim that with HORNE® ROTO ventilation is possible without wind. Please note that no other manufacturer is able to claim so far and our specifications are considered as benchmark in the industry.

Sunit Enterprises combines the latest technology and a professional team of engineers to provide to its customers innovative solutions for Ventilation. Roof Ventilators have two components. One is Roto i.e. Head unit and second structure is to support the Roto.

Our structure to support Roto has unique design. Due to its square to round design it is quite sturdy to withstand high speed wind and due to larger opening than the throat it gives venturi effect for air and adds to performance of the Roto. Further, we do not use any sealant and being made up of only Aluminium; structure is lifelong maintenance free.

HORNE®” has reputation in international market as best performance and lightest in the weight. Strong base provides good inertia and capacity to withstand. Ball Bearing design is superior most among the entire roof Ventilators in the world. Slightest breeze or difference in temperature “HORNE®” Roto will start its rotation. In identical conditions you will observe that other brands will take longer time to start.

To maintain quality we conduct a unique test before packing of ROTO.

Quality Controls: HORNE® has insured quality of the product and for last ten years we have neither faced any difficulty nor have given any replacement for the reason of quality failure. For Fabrications we use good quality of aluminium and size specifications are checked periodically.

Our Chief of Production is a well experienced engineer, having 20 years of experience in Manufacturing and fabrication.


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