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1. It is the lightest in weight in International market.
2. After installation it rotates with or without wind.
3. It has been working with 100% Aluminum MOC to satisfaction of actual     users for last 15 years in India & 35 years in International market.
4. With use of one type of MOC bonding of various parts is life-long.
5. Aluminium fabrication is sturdy & design to adjust on the roof with different angels to maintain shaft in 100 % vertical position & and also provides venturi effect to enhance the performance of the product.

1. Least number of wanes has been achieved through manufacturing skill while maintaining guaranteed 100% rain water leak proof product.

Less number of wanes for ROTO increases the distance between two wanes & thus reduces the resistance to air flow resulting in extreme performance of the ROTO.

Less number of wanes also means less weight of ROTO to enhance the performance of the ROTO.




Wind Ventilator, Roof Ventilator, Air Ventilator, Turbo Ventilator, Aluminium Ventilators

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