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In the year 1997-98, Mr. Subodh Dalvi, Proprietor of Sunit Enterprises, while on tour for business of industrial boiler & engineering products marketing came across these Roof Ventilators for the first time in Mauritus. He was impressed by the product at the first instance and decided to import them. He imported the product to India only after doing extensive research on Turbo Ventilators. So, a new company in the name of M/s SUNIT ENTERPRISES was floated by Mr. Subodh Dalvi for this product under HUF-constitution as KARTA.

Although our organisation is of proprietorship, we are group of technocrats from different engineering background of electrical, mechanical, textiles engineering etc. Mr Subodh Dalvi & Mr. Ravi tatkar are electrical engineers, Mr. Sansgiri & Mr. Daftary are mechanical engineers & Mr. Manohar Raut is a textiles engineer.

It took almost 5 years to convince the customer and prove that the product performs well without any leakage of rain water. While marketing, we started looking out for reputed Roof Ventilators in the International market. After in-depth research and trial, we identified that "HORNE®" brand is basically an Australian product and has a superior quality and supreme performance as compared to others. We tied up with "HORNE®"brand in 2001. Initially, the complete product was imported along with all its components. Later on, only the Roto was imported while fabrication of other components was done at Navi-Mumbai. In 2005, Sunit's factory was set up at Goa on 1250 sq. mtrs. plot of Goa IDC. We started production of "HORNE®" with CKD UNITS on our own. In 2007, we developed our own dies & punches as well as imported specialised machines for producing the units. So, we began manufacturing the Roto as well as the components at our Goa unit indigenously. The "HORNE®" brand has been registered in India with the Trade Mark Registry of India. Until 2007, installation was being done with bitumen tar work being used as a sealant for purpose of water proofing.

In July 2008, there was a great breakthrough & we developed a new system of installation without making use of cementing or tar work. Overlaping Technology was introduced in India for the first time. This system made the product 100% maintenance free and 100% rain water leak proof. Being a metal sheet job, it provided life long assurance as far as installation was concerned.

In 2009, FRP base plate fabrication was introduced by lot of other competitors as a cheap alternative to aluminium installation. Initially, it was gaining popularity but we were not happy to switch over because of its poor durability and short-life of the product. Our multinational clientele were convinced by our logic and we held on to our clients even though FRP was a cost-effective option available in the market.

Finally, we also thought of manufacturing FRP as it was an inexpensive alternative and decided to market it only in a selective segment where quality was not of great importance but cost-effectiveness was.

Today, we are proud to say that we have maintained our existence in high profile companies who are looking for quality as well as service. Alongside, we have been providing short time players with the option of FRP products for our agents. Now, we also export our high quality aluminium ventilators worldwide and have been receiving an excellent response for it!